Naama Networks is the parent company of a few tech startups. I created a logo that plays with the negative space.
Friends of William Sheridan Playground is a nonprofit community organization that promotes community engagement through the redesign, restoration and maintenance of a beloved, local playground. The logo conveys the values and purpose of the organization: age-inclusiveness, teamwork, and a shared green space.​​​​​​​ 
The Awardies is a website described as "The Awards for Award Shows". The goal of this project was to create a logotype reminiscent of the glamour of a Hollywood award ceremony.
Redux is a property development company based in New York, connecting owners, design teams to development properties.
Surrey Capital is a company that invests in small businesses. The client wanted a classic look that would inspire trust and reliability.
Real Moms of Brooklyn is a local breastfeeding support group for new mothers in Brooklyn. I designed a logo and icon/avatar with a soothing palette and a whimsical feel.
La Finca is a rental property in the town of Woodstock. Using custom lettering, I designed a logotype that reflects the quirky decor and colors of the house.
Big Tantrum is a clothing brand for baby and toddlers. Appealing to parents’ sense of humor, I created a cheeky logo that marries the brand’s mark and logotype a way that is memorable and endearing.
Other Logos


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